The ragtime era

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Acoustic blues

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Classical and Renaissance

Sample recordings by Keith Hinchliffe
Click on the links below to play or download short MP3 files 

link to Alman, MP3 file  MP3       Allemande  (Johann Sebastian Bach)
link to Lute Galliard, MP3 file  MP3      Lute Galliard (Anthony Holborne, Elizabethan English)
link to Pavana, MP3 file  MP3      Pavana (Luis Milan, Early Spanish)
link to Mistress Taylor's Galliard, MP3 file  MP3        Mistress Taylor's Galliard (Philip Rosseter, Elizabethan English)
link to Prelude, MP3 file  MP3        Minuet (Henry Purcell, English Baroque)
link to Aeolia, MP3 file  MP3       Aeolia (Keith Hinchliffe)
link to Armida, MP3 file  MP3     Armida (Antonio Lauro, modern Venezuelan)
link to Cantilena, MP3 file  MP3     Cantilena (Keith Hinchliffe)

The Guitarist, by Vermeer