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Downloadable MP3s (as well as CDs)  of Carolan's Dream
Islands and Ancient Music are available from  CDBABY

Buy from Mel Bay The Islands tunebook is now available as an ebook from Mel Bay

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A Wee Dram CD @ 12 GBP
A Wee Dram eTunebook (PDF to your email address) @ 11 GBP
Ancient Music CD @ 12 GBP
Ancient Music Tunebook @ 11 GBP
Ancient Music eTunebook (PDF to your email address) @ 11 GBP
Carolan's Dream CD @ 12 GBP
Carolan's Dream Tunebook @ 11 GBP
 Carolan's Dream eTunebook (PDF to your email address) @ 11 GBP
O'Carolan for Everyone Tunebook @ 11 GBP
Islands CD @ 
12 GBP
Red Scarf Smiler CD @ 12 GBP

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