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Carolan's Dream
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Carolan's Dream (1994) KHCD001
19 tunes by Irish Harper Turlough O' Carolan, arranged for solo acoustic guitar and performed by one of the most skilful modern interpreters of the composer. Keith's arrangements and performances carefully recreate the ringing, haunting overtones of the harp. There is an accompanying tune book to this CD.

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1   Carolan's Welcome    MP3 aYou Tube
2   Blind Mary   MP3 aYou Tube
3   Doctor John Stafford or Carolan's Receipt 
4   Thomas Leixlip the Proud  
5   The Lamentation of Owen Roe O'Neill  MP3 aYou Tube
6   Sheebeg and Sheemore    MP3 aYou Tube
7   Hewlett - get complete track (MP3) and guitar tab
8   Carolan's Farewell to Music
9   Captain O'Kane    You Tube
10   Denis O'Connor, second air
11   George Brabazon, second air
12   Carolan's Dream
13   Lord Inchiquin
14   Cremonea
15   Planxty Browne
16   Charles O'Conor
17   Planxty Kelly
18   Lady Dillon
19   Carolan's Quarrel with the Landlady
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