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Ancient Music
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Ancient Music (2011) KHCD004
Music of the 16th to 18th centuries re-imagined for the steel-strung guitar. Includes pieces originally intended for many different instruments, from the Elizabethan lutenists to Bach, Purcell and the early Irish harpers. A 
tune book  (in guitar tab and standard notation) is available.

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1   Dowland's Galliard MP3
2   Pavan: The Countess of Pembroke's Paradise  
3   Planxty Irwin/ My Lodging is on the Cold Ground  
4   Allemande from the 1st Cello Suite MP3
5   Lament for Owen O'Rourke
6   The Blue-Eyed Stranger
7   Captain Digorie Piper's Galliard
8   Squire Wood's Lamentation
9   The Night Watch  MP3
10   Three Minuets from "Musick's Handmaid"
11   The Frog Galliard
12   Greensleeves Variations
13   Miss Hamilton 
14   Mr Dowland's Midnight
15   Gavotte en Rondeau
16   Robin is to the Greenwood Gone
17   Come Heavy Sleep
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